Rounding Up Sustainability Initiatives in May 2022

Spring is the month of renewal for nature, May 2022 also brought regrowth to sustainable initiatives for the fashion industry. Brands are utilizing next-generation and innovative materials and constantly expanding into the resale market which is forecasted to double by 2026.

Innovation: New innovative material was unveiled by H&M Foundation that captures CO2 from the air. Luxury brand Stella McCartney showcased the first commercial luxury handbag made from mycelium. Even Nike unveiled sneakers that you can assemble. SGS also partnered with Jeanologia for light-sensitive fabric testing.

Brands: At the end of May 2022, Gap announced a partnership with denim resale platform Denim Library on a collection of used denim. Dr Martens also revealed plans to enter the repair and resale market through the second-hand marketplace Depop. North Face is planning to improve its circular clothing program. JD Williams also launched its own sustainable brand, Anise.

Events: May also had many events focusing on sustainable fashion. The third edition of the Sustainable Apparel Forum was held in Dhaka, Bangladesh on May 10. This event encouraged industry engagement and collaboration. Re’ad Summit held on May 4 also promised a better fashion industry through virtual fitting and virtual stores. Denim Show Mumbai was held from May12-14, and its focus was on sustainability and innovation. Finally, Redress Design Award 2022 announced its finalists in May.

The sustainable initiatives and trends of expanding into the resale market could bring down fashion industries' dependence on fossil fuels. Collaboration and innovation should pave the way for the fashion industry to transform itself to reduce GHG emission levels.


Photo Courtesy: Canva

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