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Understanding the ‘Big Picture’ is the key in Digital Transformation

Speakers in a webinar session titled ‘Leaders Evolving Through Digital Transformation’ pointed out that South Asian countries including Bangladesh are going to be the growth stories of the next decade. Because the technology adoption rate(...)
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Establish private-public partnerships to help SME’s on using digital technologies

Japanese people always focusing on the physical meetings. That’s why the rate of working at home is very low in Japan; actually, much lower than other countries like, US and UK; we had only 19 percent last year. But amid Covid-19, we introduced(...)
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We need to be proactive in identifying and addressing all the issues regarding Digital Trade

Digital trade at this moment has become even more relevant because of the pandemic. Whatever opportunity of digital trade was there, it has just got some more wind towards it. And it is going to be more exciting in the coming days. If you are just ta(...)
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We need to step up innovation to minimize digital gap

Digital trade becomes important not only in the context of covid19 but also for the pre-covid19 dynamics in the trading world. For one, i would like to refer to the sort of overall pressure on globalization, particularly in the context of us-china te(...)
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We are building a platform that stakeholders can trust

Every year trillions of dollars’ worth of trade is happening through the internet. Since the late 90s we have experienced four eras in digital trade.  The first era started in late 90’s, the yellow page era as it called, where compan(...)
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