Metaverse the New Fashion Market

Metaverse describes an entire universe built on top of our existing digital infrastructure. Big tech giants believe this to be the next web termed ‘web3’. Fashion industry brands are using web3 platforms such as Roblox to expand into new audiences and grow their market. Luxury brands are taking advantage of digital goods to create innovative products that would be impossible to produce in real life. Gucci is one of the most prominent luxury brands to invest in the metaverse.

Gucci recently unveiled ‘Gucci Town’, modelled as a virtual town square. This experience is available in Roblox, powered by Vault. Visitors to this virtual town can create artworks or join branded competitions. Gucci is always at the forefront of digital experience beginning with their award-winning ‘Gucci Garden’ a digital garden built on the same platform in 2021. Vault is a digital representation of Gucci, and they are an ever-evolving creative online community. Web3 initiatives include NFTs alongside a curation of rare vintage pieces, unique collections, and limited-edition styles selected by Gucci’s Creative Director, Alessandro Michele.

In a media release, Gucci says they seek to map out new territory to build meaningful experiences. Their experience has been to date visited by 18 million users, proving digital fashion is the way to garner a new generation of users. This also points to the metaverse being the new social media.

Other brands are following Gucci, such as Tommy Hilfiger. They are launching Tommy Playspace. This digital space will showcase fashion items in collaboration with the Roblox creator community.

This immersive digital clothing experience is possible due to advances in the ‘Layered Clothing’ system. This system enables users and brands to fit clothing and accessories to any avatar-type body. Currently, users can outfit their avatar with six layers of clothing, on top of any existing classic clothing.

Roblox suggested that brands consider a 3D clothing system that can create digital clothes for the enormous amount of digital avatars available today, but also work with creative avatars of the future. Other brands working on similar experiences are DRESSX, Puma, Alo Yoga and Forever 21.


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