Chittagong Port Highlight

Chittagong is a central location for all trade for Bangladesh. This city connects nearly 600 million population of landlocked parts of South Asia with South-East Asia. This city contributes 12% of the national GDP. Moreover, 60% of national revenue comes through this city. 80% of international trade is done through Chittagong port. This city also hosts 40% of Bangladesh’s heavy industries. This accounts for 37% of total annual remittance earnings. This city also holds many tourists destinations such as Cox’s Bazar beach. As such Chittagong is a prime tourist destination.

Currently, the implementation of mega infrastructure projects and capacity enhancement of the port project is a bright economic future for this city. Countries such as Japan could utilize their technological edge and local talented youth population to bring large scale industrialization projects to the city. Further appropriate training would increase youth populations' capabilities. Bangladesh has a large growing middle-income population and Japan could serve this segment of the market with their technology.

Currently, 20 Japanese manufacturing and trading companies are operational in Chattogram.

Photo Courtesy: Canva

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