BGMEA Representing BD Technical Textile in Techtextil 2022

Techtextill, an international trade exhibition is to be held in Frankfurt, Germany. This four-day global trade fair for technical textile and non-woven started on Tuesday, 21 June 2022. Bangladesh’s capability in technical textile will be highlighted by BGMEA. A delegation from BGMEA comprising specialized member factories will join for the first time.

This exhibition will showcase a vast spectrum of technical textiles, and functional apparel textiles by manufacturers from all over the world. Here leading technologies will also be highlighted, such as high-tech fibers, functional apparel fabrics and smart textiles to composites and non-woven.

This delegation from BGMEA is headed by BGMEA Vice-President Shahiduallh Azim and they will present the strengths of Bangladesh RMG Industry, focusing on man-made fibers and the growing capabilities of Bangladesh to produce value-added apparel made using non-cotton and technical textiles.

The Export Promotion Bureau (EPB) will provide support to the BGMEA delegation to show Bangladesh’s capability.

Techtextill 2022 is a massive opportunity for Bangladesh’s apparel industry to increase Bangladesh’s brand appeal as a promising high-end non-cotton apparel manufacturer. Rising market demand for blended fabrics is causing Bangladeshi manufacturers to focus on apparel made from MMF to meet this demand. In the global market, about 75% of apparel is made from non-cotton, rest 25% is cotton. However, Bangladesh’s strengths in apparel are largely based on cotton. This shows the huge potential in diversifying Bangladesh’s apparel export.

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