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Who we are.....

Merchant Bay is a tech enabled fashion sourcing platform. That creates a critical channel for buyers to explore suppliers to source apparel from Bangladesh. Our multisided platform enables both buyers and suppliers to start doing business fast, manage orders with efficiency and grow together simultaneously.

What we do.....

We thoroughly verify and welcome factories, textile mills, yarn spinners, trims & accessories suppliers to our platform. We create their digital profile to increase their visibility and be a part of the visible supply chain. Our multi-tier supplier base enables us to match with suitable partners for demand generated instantly. Constantly updating the raw material library helps us to do costing more efficiently so that buyers can benefit from end to end.

Things are different here at Merchant Bay

Any Quantity

We know emerging DTC brands need more styles in flexible quantities to avoid dead stocks and edge fast fashion. So, we prepare manufacturers to support low minimum order quantity orders and scale together. Our pool suppliers are also assisted with our technical and raw materials support which enables them to cater to short quantity orders.

Instant Responses

All quotations are important to us and need special attention. Our team reaches out to you as soon as your quotation comes to us and assist you in selecting the best fit manufacturer.

Competitive Quotations

Our supplier-matching algorithm suggests best sourcing partners instantly. You will get quotes only from the perfect matches rather than being bombarded by responses in your inbox with irrelevant messages. This reduces quotation time significantly, compared to traditional time consuming and open market platforms.

Development Support

We give full support in product development to assure the right product and shorter lead time. Our experienced product developers assist you in developing the right product as per your sketch with optimum technical specifications to produce efficiently

Complete Visibility

We do not stop by giving you visibility over the supply chain. We also give full traceability over the production process. For the first time, you will see real-time production updates from anywhere in the world, eliminating the cons of off-shoring.

Preferred Payment Method

Payment is secured and flexible with us. You may pay with our escrow; you may pay directly to manufacturers through LC or you may pay in deferred terms as our retained customers.

Our work process....

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How we Work east
Tools that made us revolutionary

Detailed profiling of
the suppliers

Based on vast experience and R&D, we have developed a standardized supplier profiling system that is accepted by the brands and buyers all over the world.

Tools that made us revolutionary

Digital library of designs, samples, textiles, yarns, trims and accessories

Buyers can source from our trendy 3D designs catalogue and suppliers' samples. They can also source raw materials from the same place.

Design Catelogue
Tools that made us revolutionary

Matching algorithm

Matchmaking algorithm instantly matches suppliers to your requirement. This tool cuts the processing time by 50%.

Supplier Matching
Tools that made us revolutionary

Secure conversation channel

Suppliers, buyers and platform are connected through our secure conversation panel.

Message Centre
Tools that made us revolutionary

Product development studio

Our team of expert product developers develops a digital sample engaging you in the whole process.

Tools that made us revolutionary

MB pool manufacturing capacity

We are pioneering a decentralized factory network. We are calling it MB Pool. Pool network enables us to cater for any MOQ, reduce lead time significantly and ensure the highest quality.

Development Pool
Tools that made us revolutionary

Order management dashboard

OMD is an always online service accessible from anywhere in the world. OMD provides a single dashboard for key matrices related to T&A, production updates, file organization, and conversations.

Tools that made us revolutionary

Smart factory business intelligence tools

Our Smart factory tools like production intelligence, store management, BTB monitoring, planning etc. are all connected to make rich insights so that you can manage your factory efficiently.


We believe traceability is the first step to sustainability

Our goal is to help you with intelligence to make better decisions about reducing your product's carbon footprint. Our traceable supply chain enables us to develop the sustainability score of a product and calculate its carbon footprint. Multi-tier supplier mapping system also enables us to track down the main source of carbon within the supply chain.

What have we achieved?

Successfully created a visible supply chain of Bangladesh RMG Industry.
Setup technical support for executing orders with faster development and trade security.
Created a raw materials library of textile, yarn, trims and accessories to support better sourcing.
Brought all sourcing support and services at a click of a button.
Opened doors to new markets for small medium manufacturers of Bangladesh.
Implemented easy to use order management system and factory digitization tools

Our Vision

To be the world's largest fashion manufacturing platform with end-to-end sourcing and production support through technology.

Our Mission

To simplify global fashion manufacturing through a technology platform that increases speed, reliability and traceability.

We have 300+ mentions in the media.

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