Merchant Bay

Hassle free product development, at a scale!
The supply chain subscription service which saves 88% of cost.

Start your next collection development at warp speed!

  • DAY 1

    Onboarding meeting.

  • DAY 7

    A custom team designed to work for your account.

  • DAY 8

    Get introduced to your team and share about your brand.

  • DAY 9

    Submit your first task.

  • DAY 10

    Get an hour estimation beforehand by account manager.

  • DAY 11

    Start managing your project and enjoy the deliveries.

The Traditional Way

Internal Team

  • Very expensive to manage.
  • Limitation in speed and turnaround.
  • Limitation in the skillset, as one can't pull of wearing multiple hats.

Creative Agencies

  • Long development time.
  • Limited access of supply chain.
  • Lack of flexibility and transparency.

Freelance Designers

  • Have no/limited understanding of your brand.
  • No consistency.
  • Can you really rely on them?

The Better Way

Merchant Bay SCAAS

  • On demand access
  • Breadth of capabilities
  • Enabled by technology
  • Reliable and fast
  • Flexible and agile
  • 88% cost effective

Get a Dedicated Team

You get a dedicated team to develop your collection at speed according to
your Brand's need, you will be having 100 hours of service a month from:

We give you a suite of tools
for designing and sourcing

Dedicated Team

100 hours per month of 7 Members dedicated Team.

Global Designers

Global designers selected as per your brands required categories.

Accounts Manager

Dedicated Accounts manager always to guide and assist you.

Costing and Tech Pack

Detailed Costing and Tech Pack of each development.

Sample Development

Finalized product photo to direct Salesman Sample development.

Supplier Vetting

Matched Supplier recommendation and Vetting for your developments.

MB Sourcing Panel

Unlimited Access to Merchant Bay Sourcing Panel to find fabric and trims.

MB Design Studio

Unlimited Access to Merchant Bay Design Studio to see new drops, ready to be customized and sourced.

Order Management

Have all your project sorted within the platform and monitor every progress with our Order Management tool.

Your unused hours are
rolled over to next month.

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