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Looking for raw materials or manufacturer to produce your merchandise?
Simply submit an RFQ and find the best match with speed and reliability.
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What is RFQ?

Request for Quotation (RFQ) in Merchant Bay is a system where users are able to submit their inquiry to receive verified manufacturers quotations and have Merchant Bay assist in finding the best production partner.

When to post an RFQ?

Buyer can post RFQ every time they need to source and/or manufacture apparel, raw materials and accessories. RFQ can be posted while requesting price or customization on any designs from MB design studio, or a buyer can submit any query that needs to be sourced or manufactured.

What happens after RFQ is posted?

After a user submits a RFQ, Merchant Bay algorithm look into the verified database of suppliers and matches it with the right partner. All matched suppliers can quote an offer to the query and a success manager from Merchant Bay is always there to help the buyer in selecting the best offer.

How long does it take to receive a response?

Typically within 48 hours after the RFQ is published, quotations starts coming. A user is notified in each steps of the action and assured to find the best fit supplier with MB success manager assistance.

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