How Merchant Bay works for Manufacturers

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Sign up as a Manufacturer

Creating manufacturer account is an easy process, provide basic info about you and your business and you are good to go.


Setting up Business Profile

You can open multiple business profiles under your supplier account. Make your profile as detailed as possible to get more targeted queries. Your profiles will be verified by Merchant Bay before publishing. After verification your profile will be available for query matching.


Build your Storefront

Brand and buyers like it when you showcase your products and samples in your digital profile. It creates more credibility and trust. Upload all your developed samples to your digital profile to get direct queries from buyers.


Join MB Pool

Join Merchant Bay pool to start getting orders instantly. You can join with your full capacity or you can dedicate as low as one line for Merchant Bay. Once you assign a line to MB pool you won’t have to worry about those lines production. You will keep getting best fit orders according to your capabilities to feed in the line. Win-Win deals doesn’t get better that this.


Stop worrying about payment security

You will receive your payment as stated in the payment terms. All buyers at Merchant Bay are authentic and have payment assurance. Our escrow service makes sure there is no misconduct.

We get you the right queries and support
to help you grow your business faster


Get Queries every day

Once you are in MB Pool, you will get queries in a priority basis. Whenever a query comes in for your category you are notified.


Gain advantage in product development

Merchant Bay stays with you during all the process in the product development so that you are assured to have the order developed in the most effective way which will increase your production efficiency.

Pioneering the decentralized manufacturing network with Merchant Bay


Get empowered with Tech

MB Pool factories get privileged access to Merchant Bay tools. They never have to go for expensive ERP solutions to digitize their factory. Merchant Bay ensures they are digitized step by step in the right hierarchy.


Global footprint

In Merchant Bay, your profile acts as your microsite. We guarantee your MB profile going more places than your own website.


Manage it easily

We know how hard it is to run a manufacturing business. So, we bring our services to your pocket. Now you can review a query on the go. Also look into key analytics and production through OMD app.

Be a Merchant Bay manufacturing partner now!

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