Streamline End-to-End Production to Scale Fashion Ventures

Merchant Bay seamlessly integrates end-to-end production management, innovative design creation, efficient vendor coordination, pricing, raw material sourcing, sample support, and bulk production, to make sure a smooth and cohesive journey for Fashion Ventures.

Shape The Future of Your Fashion Venture
with Streamlined Production


Design UPLOAD or Creation

Upload existing designs or utilize AI tools to generate new product images and designs.



Collaborate with design team to finalize product design, including tech packs, CADs, and physical samples.



Produce physical samples in desired sizes, fabrics, and construction to ensure adherence to brand standards.


BULK Production

Proceed with bulk production by connecting with our network of certified and ethical pre-vetted manufacturers.



Monitor daily progress and updates through order tracking system for full visibility from rfq to shipment.

Maximize Your Potential with Our Feature-Packed Platform

Cost Optimization

Achieve significant cost savings through optimized workflows and resource allocation.

Operational Efficiency

Enhance productivity and reduce time-to-market by streamlining your production processes.

Collaborative Workspace

Foster seamless collaboration to ensure clear communication and coordination on workspace.

Scalability with Integrity

Grow your fashion business without compromising on quality, ensuring consistent excellence.

Expert Sourcing

Benefit from 15 years of experience and established relationships in sourcing raw materials, fabrics, trims, and accessories.

Transparent Process

Gain full visibility into the entire production process with software.

Quality Assurance

Maintain the highest standards of quality with on-ground quality control team overseeing production.

Ethical Sourcing and Development

Commit to responsible practices and sustainability throughout the supply chain, from sourcing to production.

Faster Time-to Market

Delivering samples in just 15 days and completing production in 45 days.

Trusted by Leading Fashion Brands

Recognized for Innovation and
Sustainability in Fashion Production

Winner of the BASIS National ICT Awards-2022 in the Business Services category
Greenbud and Merchant Bay Introduces ‘Good Green Certification’
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