Trade Security

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What is Trade Security?

Trade Security is a free order protection service designed by Merchant Bay to transparent trade association between buyers and suppliers & protect buyers in the event of payment, safe contract, product quality assurance, on-time delivery & shipping related arguments.

  • Secured Online B2B Marketplace in BD for Trade Globally - With free membership and without any commission and hidden agents’ cost, seller and buyer can trade fairly & securely. We used to differentiate suppliers with badges & ranking for conviction of trading with them.
  • Best Online Vertical in RMG Industry that Assures Smooth Merchandizing - In order to failing to meet the buyers contract and requirements like product quality, delivery on-time, other processing issues, Merchant Bay's Trade Security protects and minimizes risk money refund guarantee with safe payment gateway. And, assures smooth merchandizing.
  • Multiple Safe Payment Methods - Secured online payment methods including e-banking, i-banking, Cr. card (Visa, Master, Amex), LC, TT, MFS, DFS and Cash etc. It depends on the buyer and supplier what they mutually agree to. Your payment is secured by Merchant Bay with online payment gateway system.

Why do we use it ?

Protect online order for FREE with proving merchant assistance - Trade Security is free for buyers or, importers who make orders through Merchant Bay.

  • Payment protection: Trade Security will cover all payments made during the ordering process up to X days after delivery.
  • Trade Protection Duration: Order will be protected up to X days after receiving the product.
  • Shipping protection: Order will be shipped on-time according to contract with and arising the delaying issue, buyer will be eligible for money back policy.
  • Product-quality Assurance: If product quality is not satisfactory for buyer as the contract details, Merchant Bay’s Trade Security will shield that order notifying supplier.

Not all suppliers are under the Trade Security Protection, look for the Trade Security badge with the supplier’s name.