Sleeping Bags Turning into Major Export Item

Bangladesh is increasing sleeping bag exports as orders are shifting from China. The annual turnover for sleeping bags is $500M. A few years ago only two or three multinational companies used to make sleeping bags. However, now 10 or more companies are making sleeping bags, among them notable are Eusebio Sporting, Team Group, and Northpole BD.

Bangladesh is rapidly becoming a big player in sleeping bags export. This has become easier through Bangladesh’s strong presence in outerwear production. Items in outerwear include jackets, tents, skiing wears, sportswear, hunter wears, safety wears, workwear, and rain wears. Sleeping bag production uses the same materials in its production as outerwear. This helps existing outerwear forward and backward linkage industries to support production.

Outerwear shipment brings $4 B annually for Bangladesh and a good portion of this is coming from sleeping bags.

China is the world’s main producer of sleeping bags, but work orders are shifting to Bangladesh and other countries because of the shortage of skilled workers and the higher cost of production. The US is the main exporting destination for sleeping bags.

Eusebio Sporting Ltd, a Taiwanese company is an exporter of sleeping bags, located in Chattogram. Annual export from the sleeping bags is $20M. They have been operating in Bangladesh for the last 15 years and they ship sleeping bags to Europe, Russia, the US, Canada and South American countries.

Another reason for the growing production of sleeping bags is an abundance of skilled workers. Experts project high demand for sleeping bags as people are going skiing and mountaineering more after being in covid lockdown for 2 years.

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