Merchant Bay Year In Review





Manufacturers and Wholesalers

The adaption rate of Merchant Bay digital profile has been great in 2021. Over a thousand manufacturers and wholesalers opened their business profile in Merchant Bay. The most recent additions include MB Knit Fashion Ltd, Radiant Sweaters, East West Industrial Park, and Knittex.


Buyers are connecting with us and sharing queries

Buyers have shown immense interest in Merchant Bay Platform in 2021. Over 600 buyers from all over the world have already put their trust in us. They are constantly sending queries. The most recent buyers onboarded are Forever 21 and ASOS.

 $1.5 M + 

Order value generated

Our vetted suppliers have been successful in getting orders through Merchant Bay even though it was our inaugural year. In 2021 Merchant Bay has received orders amounting to 1.5 M USD. The top three suppliers that benefitted from these orders are Kim’s Corporation, MB Knit Fashion Ltd. and Radiant Sweaters.


Manufacturers Vetted  

In the year 2021, we have vetted over 100 factories. Our verified badge increased the searchability of the profiles. Newly vetted profiles experienced a 100% increase in profile view in Q4 of 2021. Among the top three viewed profiles are Kim’s Corporation, MB Knit Fashion Ltd. and Radiant Sweaters.


Factories started using our Smart Tools in 2021  

Merchant Bay launched Smart Tools in 2021 intending to increase factory efficiency and make sourcing easy for suppliers. Among the factories using our smart tools are MB Knit Fashion Ltd, BHIS Apparels Ltd, Cotton Zone and East West Industrial Park Ltd.

From MVP to successfully launching Version 2 incorporating feedbacks of 10 manufacturers, 2021 was a successful year for Merchant Bay. Our Platform and SaaS is amazingly positioned to make your sourcing and operation easy and efficient.

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