Chittagong Port to Become Fully Automated

In a meeting with journalists on Sunday 24 April 2022, the chairman of the Chittagong Port Authority Rear Admiral M Shahjahan said the Chattogram Port has become a fully automated port with the CTMS, which has been upgraded to a Terminal Operating System (TOS), and a data centre equivalent to Tier-2 set up.

The data centre will enable uninterrupted operational automation services like the modern ports around the world.

On 30 March 2022 the Cox's Bazar district administration handed over 283.27 acres of land under the Matarbari Port Development Project. Contractors will be hired soon for the port construction work. With the implementation of the Matarbari Port, commercial vessels with a depth of 18 meters will be able to pass through, which will be a milestone for the country's economy.

A newly constructed 580,000 square meter yards increased the capacity of the port by 55,000. The Port limit has been increased from 7 nautical miles to 50 nautical miles.

In 2021, container handling had been 32 lakh 14 thousand TEUs (twenty-foot equivalent units), a growth of 13.19%, and general cargo handled was 116 million tonnes.

The port is also in the process of acquiring two modern scanners for scanning export containers. This modernization of Chittagong port will reduce lead time and increase direct shipping lines from Bangladesh to the EU, USA and others.

Photo Courtesy: Canva

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