BGMEA and CNN Team Up to Promote Bangladesh RMG Industry

The Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA) and the US-based CNN International Commercial (CNNIC) are keen to work in partnership to promote the Bangladesh RMG industry success stories to the global audience. In a meeting in Dhaka on April 21 2022, both parties expressed such a view.

In this meeting Faruque Hassan represented BGMEA. The CNNIC team included James Hunt, Senior Vice President, Head of Global Client Solutions, Robert Bradley, Senior Vice President and Head of APAC, LATAM AdSales and International Digital Strategy, Abhijeet Dhar, Director, Sales and Meher Anand, Account Manager.

They discussed promoting the Bangladesh RMG industries' major contribution to driving Bangladesh’s economy. Their discussion also covered how CNNIC could support in telling the impressive stories of Bangladesh's garment industry along with its strides in the areas of workplace safety, environmental sustainability and workers' wellbeing.

In this meeting, BGMEA President Faruque Hassan apprised the CNNIC team about the upcoming event ‘Made in Bangladesh Week’ scheduled to be held in Dhaka in November 2022.

This event is being organized by BGMEA. The event is expected to promote Bangladesh’s apparel industry among key stakeholders who will come from different parts of the world to join the event where CNN can cooperate in highlighting the industry.

Photo Courtesy: Canva

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