Bangladesh Is Top Destination for US Investment

US Bangladesh Business Council expressed that Bangladesh is the most preferred investment destination for US investors. The delegation said this to Prime Minister’s Private Sector Industry and Investment Adviser Salman F Rahman when he invited them to invest in “Smart Bangladesh” at May 9, 2022 meeting held in the capital.

Currently, US investors are investing in the energy sector, but Salman F Rahman informed them about many other potential sectors in Bangladesh. US business delegation is also interested in attracting investment for the agriculture sector. He also told the delegation that Bangladesh Economic Zone Authority (BEZA) is setting up 100 economic zones across the country.

Salman also emphasized public, private, and public-private partnerships and country-based economic zones. There are zones set up for Japan, Korea, and China. The government is also providing them with all the support they need.

Over 25 executives from sectors like digital, energy, financial services, insurance, and agriculture are part of the US business delegation.  “The purpose of the Council’s first trade mission to Bangladesh is to renew old friendships and explore opportunities for new partnerships”, said Jay R Pryor, vice-president (business development), Chevron.

The delegation from the US is visiting Bangladesh till May 11 to explore economic opportunities between the two countries.


Photo Courtesy: Canva

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