Apparel Export Growth

Yarn and fabric export is growing in Bangladesh. In July-November 2021, Bangladesh exported $80.48 million yarn and fabric, a 38.73% YoY growth. In the last financial year of 2020-21, Bangladesh exported $154.2 million in yarn and fabrics, up 15.52% YoY. 

In the next two years, Bangladesh is expected to increase yarn producing capacity as an additional 2.5 million spindles will come online. Currently, there are 13.5 million spindles in use. 

Growth of Apparel Export to US

Bangladesh exported $5.7 billion of apparel products to the US from January-October of 2021. This represents a 26.47% growth compared to the same period in 2020. As a result, Bangladesh is now ranked 3rd in export to the USA, ahead of China and Vietnam. 

China's exports to the US market amounted to $16 billion with a 25% growth, followed by Vietnam’s $12.1 billion with 14% growth. 

Photo Courtesy: Canva

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