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You can either represent a company or be an individual buyer on this site. Signing Up as a buyer is a very simple process, Go to: Services and Memberships menu - Buyers Membership - Sign up the form - wait for approval - you will be registered as a buyer.
Trade Assurance protects buyers’ orders; it minimizes risk by guaranteeing money back in the event of a supplier failing to meet the terms of the order contract - including delivery delays, quality and quantity discrepancies or other processing problems. Trade Assurance applies a credit-rating system that incentivizes suppliers to produce and deliver high-quality goods on time and according to the buyers' specifications. Not all suppliers are under the Trade Assurance Protection, look for the Trade Assurance badge with the suppliers name.
Once a buyer clicks on place order or sends inquiry by contacting a supplier, they are taken to a message thread where they can discuss in detail, keeping all discussion in consideration, the buyer needs to upload a sales contract and the supplier needs to accept it. Upon accepting they can confirm order by clicking confirm order button on the message thread. From here the order is officially placed under the terms and condition of the contract. While confirming order the buyer can also take Merchant’s Assistance upon which a merchandiser from Merchant Bay will be tagged to the order and will follow up the order in interest of the buyer and make sure everything is executed as per the contract. The merchandiser will keep check on the lead time, operations and quality to make sure the agreed time and quality is met.
There are several payment method options including, LC, TT, Credit Card, MFS, DFS and Cash. It depends on the buyer and supplier what they mutually agree to.
RFQ is Request For Quotation. This is a procedure where the buyer fills up an RFQ form by going to the RFQ section and selecting submit RFQ. In the form the buyer needs to put the details of what he is looking to source and select the category. Upon submitting the form, the RFQ will reach all the related suppliers within the category and they can place their quotation against the RFQ. In such way the buyer can receive multiple quotation by submitting an RFQ.
Supplier can be searched by the Suppliers by Category menu on the left side of homepage, from the search bar on top of the homepage or from the Supplier page on the top menu. Upon entering the page there is a search button where the buyer can type in which supplier they are looking for. Also in the home page search bar, buyer can change the option from product to supplier and search for the relevant item he is looking to source. Any supplier providing the product will be sorted for the buyer to select from.
When a supplier registers, the audit team of Merchant Bay verifies the supplier’s details by following up. The Merchant Bay Auditing Team verifies the suppliers data uploaded by checking their related documents and physical location and gives the verification upon finding authenticity.
There are 4 types of badges: 1. Gold Supplier : Suppliers who have well reputation and is highly trusted by Merchant Bay and the Industry. 2. Trade Assured: Suppliers with whom the Trade Assurance model is applicable. 3. Verified Supplier: Supplier who's all information and company images are verified 4. Experienced Supplier : Supplier who has been doing business in the industry for more than 5 years.
Only valid business entity in the RMG and related industry can register as a supplier in Merchant Bay. No individual agent or seller can not register.
Upon requesting for Merchant’s Assistance, a merchandiser contacts the buyer in message thread and assists the buyer from sourcing to execution and shipment of order. The merchandiser follows up on all process with the selected supplier and keeps the buyer updated with all information. Any big volume or high valued order are suggested to have Merchant Assistance.
All merchandisers of Merchant Bay are experienced and well trained merchandisers who understand the details of every order and knows the way to handle factories to get the best output. Only specialized merchandiser under the product category will be assigned for relevant product hence the buyer can be assured on the follow up and execution of order with the supplier. As also Merchandisers will be located in the same city as where the order is placed, they can visit factories physically to follow up and also be responsible for sourcing any other materials related to the ordered goods.
All suppliers in Merchant Bay are authentic as we do a basic screening before registering them on board, especially look for suppliers with a verified badge which assures that all information about the supplier has been vetted by third party vetting service and we assure the credibility of the supplier. But still we suggest to clear everything by communicating with the supplier and have a thorough sales contract and also take Merchant Assistance to proceed.
A supplier can sign up by the following steps: Services & Memberships Menu - Supplier Membership- Select Package - Sign Up form - wait for approval - Registration Done. Easy as that.
All buyers in Merchant Bay will be initially screened and verified by Merchant Bay, along with it upon uploading sales contract and mentioning all terms and condition there, the Merchant Bay team will look after the order for smooth execution and transaction
At any point if you get stuck or do not know how to proceed, you can click the contact us button on the right of your screen and get customer support from Merchant Bay Team. For quicker solution the team is also available through live chat during Bangladesh Work Hours. We will guide you through.


Any company registered in Bangladesh and selling any product related to garments and fashion can register as suppliers. Manufacturers can register only and in wholesaler category, registered Bangladeshi wholesaler can register.
According to global buyer's survey, it is found that they want to connect with suppliers through online who are verified by a third party. We provide a verification badge after yo apply for verification which increases your chance to get business and get trusted by buyers around the world. The Merchant Bay Auditing Team verifies the suppliers data uploaded by checking their related documents, cross check with affiliations and by physical visit and gives the verification upon finding authenticity.
A supplier can sign up by the following steps: Services & Memberships Menu - Supplier Membership- Select Package - Sign Up form - wait for approval - Registration Done. Easy as that.
With a membership in Merchant Bay, you got registered into the search engine for Bangladesh manufacturers and wholesalers. The world can now find you easily and you can communicate with your potential buyers through this platform and also promote your products to the world.
The most important thing is to be responsive and quick in attending queries, next is the clarity is information and proper display of product and factory, a video presentation always adds a great value in attracting buyers. Along with it it is equally important to maintain commitment and efficiency. In online commerce the better you perform the higher the page rank goes which helps in grabbing more customers and orders. This is no more the future, it is the present of global trading and sourcing.
Merchant Bay charges a fixed membership fee to be a verified supplier in Merchant Bay. That is all paid to be on Merchant Bay to be found by buyers with trust and do business. If you take a Trading Partner’s support then a negotiable commission has to be paid to the Trading Partner, if the Trading Partner brings you business. Other than that there is no commission on sales that you make through this platform.
Trading Partners are authorized business agent of Merchant Bay who are responsible to handle supplier’s account on behalf of the supplier on Merchant Bay. If a supplier wants to outsource his marketing and sales activities of Merchant Bay to a Trading Partner as Trading Partners are trained and always online to give customer support, then the supplier needs to sign a contract with a Trading Partner deciding a commission based on product category and outsource the activity. The Trading Partner will then promote and maintain the online presence of the Supplier and put effort to make sales on behalf of the Supplier. By this way the supplier can focus on his or her core activities and the Trading Partner can focus on getting extra sales online by bidding and maintaining online storefront. To connect to a Trading Partner, send message to Merchant Bay at: info@merchantbay.com or write to us through contact us page.
A Trading Partner signs up for specific suppliers and needs to handle their storefront on Merchant Bay. supplier’s end. He need to learn about the business and products of his enlisted suppliers. A Trading Partner will receive a month Training from Merchant Bay before being registered as a Trading Partner.

A Trading Partner is a business agent of merchant bay assigned by merchant bay who takes care of their suppliers businesses online and help them grow. All Trading Partners are verified by Merchant Bay and are given well adequate training before merging. Hence, Trading Partners know how to get the best of online marketing and sales for their customers.
Any one with experience in RMG sourcing and merchandising can be a trading partner. Trading Partnership is a business affiliation hence individual with business mindset can be a Trading Partner only.
A Trading Partner signs up for specific suppliers and needs to handle their storefront on Merchant Bay. A Trading Partner can work individually or have a team, he or she needs to keep the suppliers store front updated with product photos and descriptions, communicate with buyer’s query and bid on RFQ’s from Trading Partnership is a business affiliation hence individual with business mindset can be a Trading Partner only.
There is no fixed earning for a Trading Partner, it is just like doing business. A Trading Partner earns as commission from the sales they make through Merchant Bay for the suppliers. They are paid in commission on sales by the suppliers.
To apply as Trading Partner, contact Merchant Bay through info@merchantbay.com, email Merchant Bay your details expressing your interest and we will guide you forward. You need to mention your experience in the relevant field of RMG.
Trade Security is a free order protection service designed by Merchant Bay for transparent trade relationship between buyers and suppliers & protect buyers and suppliers in the event of payment, safe contract, product quality assurance, on-time delivery & shipping related arguments. Merchant Bay Trade Security Team constantly work in order to assure: Secured Online B2B Marketplace for Trading Globally - With free membership and minimum commission with no other hidden agents’ cost, seller and buyer can trade fairly & securely. We verify suppliers with badges & ranking for easy sorting during sourcing. Complete Merchandising Support - In order to meet the buyers contract and requirements like product quality, delivery on-time, other processing issues, Merchant Bay's Merchandisers and Quality Inspectors in Trade Security team works extensively and reports everything about the order status in real time with our transparent order management tools.
Protect online order for FREE with expert merchandising assistance - Trade Security has no additional cost for buyers or, importers who make orders through Merchant Bay. Payment protection: Multiple payment process are adapted according to the requirement of buyers and Merchant Bay Trade Security team assures payment protection if there is any violation of contract. Bank Documents Verifications: Trade Security team will examine all order documents before processing the order so that both buyer and suppliers are in safe contract. Shipping protection: Order will be shipped on-time according to contract with and arising the delaying issue, buyer will be eligible for money back policy. Product-quality Assurance: If product quality is not satisfactory for buyer as the contract details, Merchant Bay’s Trade Security will shield that order notifying supplier. Not all suppliers are under the Trade Security Protection, look for the Trade Security badge with the supplier’s name or contact Merchant Bay for finding the best supplier for your required product.